PAC student in his early 20s selling seven figures on Amazon

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Just a couple quick notes to =
start your week=E2=80=A6

First – there’s a new=
podcast episode for you.

Ep. 153: Early 20’s PAC (= student selling seven figures

In this free episode you will=
meet student Hasan Hasmani. He started out =
sourcing products online to flip on Amazon and learned some valuable lesson=
s on his way to building a seven figure business. From there he began makin=
g his own product and has now sold 5,000+ units of it as PRE-sale orders!

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training tonight on Facebook live.

Tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 201=
8 at 8:00pm EST (NY time), join me and Vladi Gordon of on a webinar.

Vladi will explain some of th=
e main profit killers you may be missing in your Amazon business, what to l=
ook for, and how to properly track them. is committ=
ed to being “the world’s most accurate profit analytics for Amazon sel=

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