Mineral Baths in Jamaica


# Facts About Mineral Baths in Jamaica

mineral baths in jamaica
mineral baths in jamaica

When ever you visit Jamaica, your vacation is incomplete if you do not visit one of the three main mineral baths in jamaica.

The three top mineral baths in jamaica are The Rockfort Mineral Bath in Rockfort  located at the eastern part of Kingston, The Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa in St Thomas, and Milk River Hotel and Spa in Clarendon.


I do not think these healing wonders have been given enough exposure to the visitors to benefit from the therapeutic and healing values of these mineral baths in jamaica. Let us begin with the Rockfort Mineral Spa.

mineral baths in jamaica rockfort-mineral-spa

It is called Rackfort, because it is indeed a fort.

The Fort was built in 1694 to defend the island. The mineral spring is believed to surface after the 1907 earthquake that damaged Kingston and took hundreds of lives.

The minerals in the water produced naturally from the rocks and said to have very powerful therapeutic value.

Because of the high mineral contents for your safety, when you go in the water, it is recommended you should not spend in excess of 45 minutes.

Top 10 reasons to visit Jamaica is to relax. If you really want to relax and destress, then Rockfort Mineral Spa is a refreshing place to be, pay a visit whenever you can.

I have visited all three mineral baths in jamaica on different occasions. When I visit, I make sure to collect some of the valuable spring water and take home to drink a glass a day.

The Spa is right on the main road from the Norman Manley International Airport to the capital Kingston city.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 8 -4 pm; Saturday and Sundays 7:00 – 6 pm. The last person is admitted no later than 3:15 on weekdays, 5:15 on weekends.
The property is closed to the public on Mondays.

They are open on all public holidays with the exception of Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Admission Fees
Adults – $500.00 Children (4-12) – $350.00 Senior Citizens – $350.00
Please contact the office for group bookings and rates. Telephone: 876-938-6551 or 938-5055  Email: [email protected]

Let’s take a visit to Bath in St Thomas.

mineral baths in jamaica-Bath-Fountain

The second mineral baths in jamaica, not in terms of importance, just random naming. The Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa is a hidden treasure in the hills of St Thomas with hot spring water gushing from the rocks.

This is how the story goes. The mineral spring at Bath in St. Thomas was discovered by a run-a-way slave in the 1690s.


When he discovered that his wounds that were plaguing him for years were healed by the water, he decided to brave the wrath of his master and tell him of his experience.

The mineral spring flows from two rocks, which produces both cold and hot water.

Both hot and cold are mixed before it enters the spa, which are built for guests.

The water in the spring above the bathhouses is not mixed and so it is very hot.

This mineral spring has therapeutic value and is believed to be very good for the treatment of rheumatic ailments and skin diseases.

These natural healing waters are good enough reasons to visit Jamaica

The first time I visited this place I was amazed at the high temperature of the water coming out of the rocks.

Mineral Baths in jamaica

You have the option to pay and go into the facility and enjoy all the comfort, or you can choose to climb the track and allow the water to massage your body running out of the rock.

Ok, Let us Continue our discovery and make our next stop at Milk River Hotel and Spa

This property has a similar history like the Bath in St Thomas.

As the story goes, the Milk River Mineral Springs were discovered by a run away slave back there in the eighteenth century.

Fleeing his master’s merciless beating, he hid himself in the hills near the estate on he was working and he stumbled upon the spring, in which he bathe is wounds.

mineral baths in jamaica
mineral baths in jamaica

Sometime after he returned to the slave village, and to everyone’s amazement , he seemed fully healed from his wounds.

The owner of the estate, Jonathan Ludford, promised not to punish him again if he would just show him where that miraculous spring located. 



Mr Ludford fenced the area and assigned the same slave the job to watch the new found treasure. 

Mr Ludford willed the property to the government and in 1794, public baths were built and opened to the public..

 The radioactivity of the water is many times greater than many of the world’s famous spas. The relative radioactivity of the water has been found to be:

• 9 times as active as Bath, England
• 50 times as active as Vichy, France
• 5 times as active as Karlsbad, Austria
• 54 times as active as Baden, Switzerland

Because of its radioactivity, no more than three baths per day of 20 minutes each is recommended.

The facility is open 24 hours a day to hotel guests, and 7:00 am to 10:00 pm to the public.

Contact the office @  1- 876-610-7745   eMail: [email protected]

Ok that was a brief look at the three top mineral baths in jamaica

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