Medical Tourism

Jamaica is getting ready to tap into the very lucrative Medical Tourism market.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is getting more exposure. The Ministry of Health recently said they are aiming to attract over 100,000 medical tourists to the island within the next 10 years.

“At a growth rate of 20 per cent in 10 years, it is estimated that Jamaica’s share in the global tourism market will amount to 0.3 per cent and would generate over US$600 million,” Director of Policy Planning and Development in the Ministry, Howard Lynch, said.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is the travel of individual or group of people to the country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment and enjoy some fun where they can.

The Jamaica Information Service captured Mr. Lynch speech at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Customs Tariff and Port Users Committee’s 15th annual customs seminar speaking on behalf of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Elaine Foster Allen, on September 29, 2016 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston.

He noted that Medical Tourism Jamaica has potential for higher earnings than traditional tourism, with estimated daily revenue generation of US$1,300 per medical tourist.

This is comparatively higher when compared with US$113 per person nightly by stopover visitors.

“Based on these estimates, Medical Tourism Jamaica will produce 10 times more than the mainstream tourist market,” Mr Lynch said, noting that the funds generated from Medical Tourism Jamaica could be used to offset expenses in the public healthcare system.

It is becoming a popular option in the international tourist market as it offers cost savings, immediate medical care, high standards, post procedural care, while providing the opportunity to explore new destinations and culture.

Mr. Lynch said that Jamaica, based on its geographical location, is well positioned to take advantage of the industry.

Citing the opening of a private medical facility in Montego Bay last year by the Hospiten Group, he encouraged more investment in the sector.
Medical Tourism Jamaica is Growing

A $2.3 billion state-of-the-art private hospital was officially opened in Rose Hall, Montego Bay St James, on Thursday October 8, 2015.

Medical Tourism Jamaica
Medical Tourism Jamaica

The first world facility – Hospiten Montego Bay –  is the only private Jamaican hospital with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), outside the city of Kingston, and will be catering to the medical needs of both local and overseas patients.

“We are here to stay, to offer our experience, to generate wealth and employment,”  said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Hospiten Group, Juan Jose Hernandez.

“We believe that an exceptional tourist destination as Jamaica cannot continue developing without medical services of an international standard.

From a health care point of view, we are here to attend to the resident population of the entire north coast of Jamaica…from the birth of children to small emergencies…to prevent illnesses or for more complex interventions,” he said.

“Private healthcare is critical in our society and particularly in our urban centres and resort corridors. Satisfying the total health needs requires an ongoing partnership between the government and the private healthcare providers.

The Ministry urges other investors to come on board to explore other areas across the island where we can build similar facilities,” he said.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is synonymous with the Hospitan Group. The Hospiten Group is an international network of private hospitals, which provide high-level healthcare services.

The group has 16 hospital centres located in major cities and tourist centres in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.

The JCC Customs Tariff and Port Users Committee’s annual Customs seminar provides a forum for stakeholders to discuss issues affecting the sector.

This year, the forum was held under the theme: ‘Encouraging Health Tourism’ and focused on the potential economic impact of medical tourism Jamaica on the country. It also featured presentations from the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA).

Medical Tourism Jamaica and the Hospitan Group
The Hospiten Group is an international network of private hospitals, with over 1,000 beds, they committed to providing high-level healthcare services.

They see over 1.000.000 patients every year.

The result of their commitment can be seen in their sixteen hospital centres located in major cities and tourist centres in countries such as Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and of course Jamaica.

All of their centres are fully equipped with the latest technological innovations in the medical and management fields, and and are manned by a world class team of professionals providing the top-of-the-line healthcare services that are second to none.

The hospital is the fifteenth the Hospiten Group, of 100% per cent Canary capital, has around the world, as the group has centers in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica.

To carry out the project, which will be the only private hospital in Jamaica outside the capital, Kingston, to have an intensive care unit, the Canary healthcare group has invested 20 million dollars and created over 300 jobs.

The center has 22 beds, seven emergency boxes, 2 operating rooms, a birthing room and 8 outpatients’ consultation rooms. The modern facilities are equipped with a CT scanner, mammography, x-ray and ultrasound. There will be specialized services in Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Medicine, Orthopedics and Trauma, Cardiology, Urology and Internal Medicine.

The center will also offer General Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Dermatology and Dentistry.

The president of Hospiten pointed out that “this project has been made possible thanks to the support of the Prime Minister and of the Jamaican political authorities”. He also stressed “the energy and vision of the Hospiten team, who have worked so hard to make this new, first-rate hospital a reality: a 3-floor hospital with a surface area of 4,529 m2”.

“Tourism and Hospiten have walked hand in hand for many years. We are aware that Jamaica is growing as a quality tourist destination, and so we at Hospiten are working to meet the needs of this beautiful island by working to improve the healthcare services”, stated Dr. Cobiella, whilst acknowledging the support of the then Minister of Tourism and Leisure in Jamaica, Wykeham McNeill.

Since 2008, Jamaica has become a priority destination for Hospiten, where the company currently has 13 ambulatory health centers, open under their registered brand Clinic Assist and located in the different tourist resorts around the island, in Montego Bay Airport and in Falmouth Port.

Excellence in our service, international standards of quality, global care, attention to detail and the personal touch will be the hallmark of the new Hospiten Montego Bay.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is Taking Off

The design of the new hospital was planned in accordance with international and Jamaican building codes, technical and safety requirements to provide the very best in healthcare services

Medical Tourism Jamaica has great potential in this region. Tourism is one of Jamaica’s major industries, making a substantial direct economic contribution to the country by way of employment and foreign exchange earnings.

Medical Tourism Jamaica
Medical Tourism Jamaica – Ed Bartlett minister of-tourism-

From Christopher Columbus landed here in 1494, up to the present time, many have been captivated and waxed lyrical about the island compelling natural beauty.

Up until the 19th century, hospitality to visitors centered around the Great Houses.

The island became popular in the late 19th century as a holiday destination for vacation travellers who could now be described as tourists.

They came solely for pleasure to enjoy the sun, sea and food that the country gradually grew more and more famous the world over.

The earliest hotels were connected with the banana trade, as the sea captain having to fill their ship on the journeys to the island.

We find one of the earliest promoters in Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker who built the Titchfield Hotel, and made Port Antonio the centre of the early tourist trade.

Montego Bay soon followed.

The major drive however, to build large hotels did not come about until 1891 when Jamaica hosted the Great Exhibition, and the passage of the Jamaica Hotels Law in 1890.

That was the island’s earliest incentive legislation to promote tourism. It provided government assistance for hotel construction by private investors.

Five hotels were built, three in Kingston and St Andrew – The Myrtle Bank, Queens, and Constant Spring Hotels. And two in rural Jamaica, at Rio Cobre near Spanish Town and Monigue in St Ann. 

Many pleasure cruise boats and private yachts brought in the very wealthy. And for many decades the island continued to be the destination of choice for the rich and famous from the USA, Canada and England.

Medical Tourism Jamaica
Medical Tourism Jamaica

The Jamaica Tourist Board was formed in 1910 to promote to colony abroad and provide information to attract holiday vacations visitors similar to what I am doing now.

Up until World Was 11, Jamaica attracted the rich and famous. It was not until the construction of the island two major airports in the 1940s in Kingston and Montego Bay, that middle class holiday vacations seekers could travel to Jamaica. What is now called “Mass Tourism” did not develop until the 1970s. 

Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios continue to be the three main Holiday Vacations destinations for holidaymakers.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is one of the many improvements in tourism. The tourist industry has undergone and continues to experience many changes, both in structure and ownership.

Jamaica Tourist Board Online
Medical Tourism Jamaica

One of the developmental changes is the “all-inclusive” hotels in which one price is charges for the duration of your stay where all the tourists needs are catered to in one location.

While this is very appealing to many, some adventure vacations seekers come to enjoy a less organized “alternative tourism” in other exotic location. Places like Port Antonio in Portland, or St Elizabeth or just thinking about the South Coast strip.

Medical Tourism Jamaica is here to stay

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