Jamaica’s Natural Beauty

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Jamaica’s natural beauty is what attract millions of visitors every year. If you know this little piece of paradise in the Caribbean sea, you cannot deny that she is just naturally beautifully crafted by the hand of the creator for you and me to enjoy.

Come with me on a picturesque journey to some interesting places around the island, and this is just a taste of what Jamaica has to offer.

The half has never been told, you have to come out of your hotel and mingle with the people and taste the culture to enjoy sweet sweet Jamaica.

Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios St Ann is our first stop.

Jamaica’s natural beauty

Visitors always anticipate the thrills and spills of climbing the natural and man made trail on the river and then hanging out in one of the several lagoons or pools along the way.

Jamaica’s natural beauty Dunns River is a world renown destination that forms one of Jamaica’s most beautiful sights and is the island’s most popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.

The falls is approximately 183 meters or about 600 feet long and is part of a landscaped park that includes the beach where the river runs into the sea.

You can also Enjoy this party cruise to Dunn’s River Falls with snorkeling

This natural treasure is walking distance from the fast growing resort town of “Ocho Rios”one of Jamaica’s natural beauty.

Ocho Rios which means eight rivers, although there are only four rivers in that area.

The four rivers are known as Dunn’s River, Cave River, Roaring River, and Turtle River. 

Ocho Rios is a growing phenomenon that is uniquely positioned in the bay surrounded by the lushed green mountain ranges.

The falls is usually used in tourist advertisements to promote Jamaica as the prefered tourist destination.

Most of these promotions make Dunn’s River one of the most attractive travel destinations on the island.

Dunn’s River Falls is also famous for featuring in the James Bond Movie “Dr. No”. with Sean Connery as James Bond.

Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond movies, fell in love with Jamaica during a naval visit and made himself a promise to return. He made good his promise and made his home (Golden Eye) in St Mary the adjacent parish where Dunn’s River Falls is located.

Golden Eye, is where Ian Fleming penned fourteen of the JAMES BOND starred novels, is located just 5km from the airport that is named after him: Ian Fleming International Airport (IFIA) in Boscobel St Mary.

The Government of Jamaica is planning to expand the runway at the Ian Fleming International Airport in Boscobel, St Mary, to accommodate larger planes. That will make it easier for visitors wishing to go to the neighbouring parishes of St Ann and Portland.

Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain Tours and Attractions

Another remarkable attraction feature in the lush green forest hills surrounding Ocho Rios is the Mystic Mountain Attractions.

Jamaica’s natural beauty at Rainforest Adventure Mystic Mountain Attraction Tour in Ocho Rios St Ann Jamaica is the best vacation deals. This is a must for nature lovers who will get a panoramic views of the resort town of Ocho Rios, the coastline and the main cruise ship pier.

There are four breath taking activities to enjoy: The Sky Explorer Chairlift takes you on a 15 minute ride 700 feet above sea level on top of the luscious tropical rainforest.

As you descend you are carried through the heart of the canopy, with the amazing birds eye view of the wonders of nature. 

You have the Mystic Bobsled Ride, which takes you through a 1000m thrilling gravity-driven ride through dense tropical rainforest with twists and turns that can go up to 40 mph.

This Mystic Mountain Boblsed Ride is reminiscing the Jamaica Bobsled team that participated in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary Canada.

You also have the Zip Line Mystic Mountain Canopy Tour

This is an exhilarating eye opening adventure that flies over the magnificent rainforest canopy and limestone cliffs. Zippers glide 170 meters over the trees at an almost vertical decline of 10 meters before landing on a wooden platform.

And to cap your Best of Jamaica is the unique Mystic Waterslide.

Mystic Mountain Waterslide
Jamaica’s natural beauty Mystic Mountain Waterslide

This makes a perfect climax to a sensational adventure with the Mystic Mountain Attractions. 

The Waterslide and the Infinity Edge Pool is on the edge of Mystic Mountain with a scenic view of the pier and resort town of Ocho Rios down below.

The Infinity Edge pool is gracefully positioned just outside the Mystic Pavilion, with the bay of Ocho Rios below and the picturesque tropical hills on the opposite side.
Sliders have a fast and smooth 77 meter long ride accessible from two different angles.

You can enter via the pool deck stairway or from the the third floor of the Mystic Mountain Railway Station to splash your body in the pool of crystal clear blue water.

This is undoubtedly the perfect way to complete your best vacation deals in your visit to see Jamaica’s natural beauty.

Mystic Mountain, Jamaica Office

P.O. Box 259 
Ocho Rios, Jamaica 
Tel: 1-876-974-3990 
Fax: 1-876-974-3992 
E-mail: [email protected]

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 Green Gratto Jamaica’s Natural Beauty (Run Away Cave)

Let us make one more stop in this beautiful garden parish of St Ann and visit the Run Away Cave (Green Gratto).

This historic site is ideally positioned on the North Coast scenic Jamaica’s natural beauty route between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

Green Grotto Cave
Jamaica’s natural beauty Green Grotto Cave


There are more than 1,200 caves and shafts in the island, but only a handful are developed and maintained to attract visitors. The Green Gratto is well known for its steep descent into the belly of the earth.

These Runaway Caves are said to have provided a safe haven for the island’s first inhabitants, the Tainos, and a protection spot for ‘runaway slaves’ in the 18th Century.


The caves were also believed to be highly sought after as a place for the Spaniards to hide during the takeover of the island by the English invaders in 1655.


It is widely accepted by many that between the two World Wars, the caves played a vital role for smugglers running arms to Cuba.  And even more recently, sections of the Caves were used as a storehouse for rum.


Your adventure vacations to these caves that are so rich in history will take you on an out of this world journey into the very heart of the island’s innermost locations.


 In just under an hour, your guide will take you through a maze of sturdy, majestic stalagmites, (limestone formation from the floor of the cave) and stalactites, (formation from the ceiling of the cave), and other exquisite dripstone formations.


These formations is said to have taken thousands of years to form, and can serve as a good indicator to estimate the age of the cave.


When you enter these caves, you will go through the interconnected passageways and chambers, to cover some 37 metres down to the cave’s innermost cavern. That’s where you will come upon the gratto – with water that is semi-transparent.


Jamaica’s natural beauty Green Gratto must be part of your fascinating adventure vacations on  your visit to Jamaica

The facility is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and you may contact them @  (1876) 973-2841     Email: [email protected]

Jamaica’s Natural Beauty Rafting on the Martha Brae

Come with me to the parish of Trelawny, and let me describe to you a beautiful romantic experience rafting on the Martha Brae River with the most natural eye catching surroundings for your adventure vacations.

The game of rafting was started on the Martha Brae river in December 1970. 

Jamaica's natural beauty
Jamaica’s natural beauty Rafting on the Martha Brae

Your journey is approximately 25 miles from Montgo Bay and 40 miles from OchoRios.

Jamaica’s natural beauty rafting will take you along 3 miles of naturally kept paradise

Rafting on the Martha Brae proudly owned an experienced fleet of 85 licensed professional rafters, 

The rafts are made from bamboo tree about 30 feet in length.

The ride covers approximately a 3 miles stretch of beautifully decorated breath taking country scenery that last for 1 hour.

While you are enjoying your ride on the raft, you can learn about “The Legend of Martha Brae River”.

The water is clean and safe for swimming, so you have the option to go in if you can swim.

Rafting on the Martha Brae has attracted celebrities from all over the world.

Some of these celes are the fastest human being ever, 100 and 200 meters world record holder the legendary Usain Bolt, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, another son of the soil, former NBA star Patrick Ewing.

Heavy weight champion Lennox Lewis, actor Chuck Norris, singer Dionne Warwick, Spike Lee, Kenny Rodgers, the late Johnny cash and Jane Seymour of “Doctor Quinn-Medicine Woman” fame.

Jamaica’s natural beauty adventure vacations can take you to other rafting locations in Jamaica like the Rio Grande in Portland. I will give more detail when I get around to that parish. 

Montego Bay Jamaica’s Natural Beauty

We are now heading to Jamaica’s second city Montego Bay, otherwise called “MoBay”.

Montego Bay Jamaica is tourism mecca of the Caribbean. 

Jamaica’s natural beauty vacations attractions in Montego Bay are unique, many and varied.

There is never a dull moment in this highly sort after tourist destination.

There is always improvement and expansion in the city, beach clubs have been developed in town, each with its own special character.

The Aquasol Beach Park is the closest to town on Gloucester Avenue, with Doctors Cave a stone throw on the same road, Cornwall Beach just a little beyond it.

Tropical Beach and Rose Hall Beach lie a little out of town.

Jamaica’s natural beauty doctor-s-cave-bathing-club

Here is a brief hostory of Montego Bay Jamaica

Christopher Columbus was the first Europeian to set sail into the bay in 1494 and named it Fair Weather Bay or to put in his language “el Golfo de Buen Tiempo”.

The earliest record of a Spanish settlement in the area shows it as Monterias.

The record shows that wild hogs roamed the hills and were hunted by the Spaniards and produced and exported ‘hog butter’ or lard.

Montego gets its name from the Spanish “manteca” meaning lard, and Montego Bay is shown on some ancient maps as Lard Bay 

The town grew slowly but by the end of the eighteenth century it had become a busy port with more than 150 ships visiting each year.  That is more than what she is getting now.

The success and fortunes of the town were direct results of sugar when it was crowned “King” of the day. She naturally suffered misfortune when sugar production declined in the nineteenth century. 

The development of banana plantations and the export of bananas inject some relief to the declining town.  I dare say it was the introduction of the tourist resort that brought Montego Bay into its own.

As early as 1908, Montego Bay was advertised as the place of choice for adventure vacations seekers.  The town with an invitation to: Come South . . . to Montego Bay, the most beautiful spot in Jamaica.

Let us identify some of the famous attractions like Doctor’s CaveThe Aquasol Beach Park, The Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay Underwater Tours, Bird Sanctuary, Four Golf Courses, Half Moon Golf Course, White Witch of Ross Hall Glof Course, Cinnamon Hill Golf Course,  Tyrall Golf Course, Dolphin Cove Half Moon.

These are just Some of Jamaica’s natural beauty adventure vacations attractions in Montego Bay.

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Negril The Place of Choice Holiday Vacations

Let’s take an adventure tour Negril the place of choice for Holiday Vacations seekers.

The area known as Negril is an extended landscape from Half Moon Bay in Honover Parish to Negril lighthouse in Westmoreland Parish.

Negril boast 7 miles (8km) stretch of white sand beaches and is without a doubt one of Jamaica’s leading tourist destinations.

 Jamaica's natural beauty
Jamaica’s natural beauty Nigril beach in Jamaica

Negril harbour was once known as Bloody Bay, probably because whales were slaughtered there. 

Negril Bay is also associated with some notable battles, including the Battle of New Orleans during the Amarican Was of Independence.

It was also in the Negril Bay that the famous British Admiral Benbow assembled his squadron for his engagement against the French Admiral Du Casse in 1702.

Another famous historical event of Negril Beach concerns the notorious pirate “Calico Jack“.

Jack Rackham otherwise called “Calico Jack” was one of the notorious pirates who haunted Jamaican waters in the early 18th century. 

Rackham’s name will linger in history because after his capture it was discovered that two of his crew were women disguised as men – Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Jack Rackham was captured while enjoying a Rum Punch party in Negril in November 1720.

Jamaica’s natural beauty Negril, is known the world over as a favourite tourist destination to have fun and relax.

You will never be short of activities and attractions in Negril, in fact some Holiday Vacations Travellors are tempted to rate Negril over Montego Bay as a preferred tourist destination of choice.

Just a few examples of attractions and activities for holiday vacations:

The pride of Negril is the 7 miles of white sand beaches, which has been voted many times as one of the best in the world.

From Negril beach you will witness the most beautiful dramatic sunset you could ever imagine. It is an unfogetable experience.

The Half Moon Beach Park is a unique spot which is about 15 minute drive from Negril along Jamaica’s scenic coastline.

If you are coming from Montego Bay you will pass through the small community of Green Island on your way to Negril, just look out for the smiling Holf Moon sign.

The Bloody Bay Beach is one of the first locations you will pass on your way from Montego Bay. Bloody Bay is so given its name from its whaling day as I told you in my brief history of Negril.

The Office of Nature, is operated by some friendly residents offering savoured beachfront barbecue. This is found on a nearby public area and tucked away beyond the private beach from Sunset at the Palms.

Jamaica’s natural beauty Negril Cliffs, are undoubtedly the gem of Negril, as you look at the cliffs, you get the striking reality of the beauty and forces of nature.

The Negril Cliffs are undisputed without fear of contradiction one of the most intriguing places in all of Jamaica.

Visiting the Negril Cliffs on your Holiday Vacations travel will give you complete satasfaction. If you are staying in Negril they are worthy of at least one visit.

 Many of the Negril Cliff Hotels are probably the most fascinating hotels in Jamaica, one, because of the convenience and amenities the area offers. Secondly, because of its splendid location right in front of the ocean and the incredible sunsets to enjoy every night.

Jamaica’s natural beauty, The Royal Palm Reserve, is one of the major eco-tourism attractions in Jamaica located in Negril. This is a perfect place for eco lovers who enjoy watching birds, fishing as well as taking nature walks.

For some more popular activities in Negril Jamaica, you can go Cliff Diving at Ricks Cafe.

Rick’s Cliff is a 30f dive into crystal clear Caribbean sea. Rick’s Café is one of if not the most visited attraction in all Negril and listed as one of the top 1000 Places to visit in your holiday vacations travel lifetime.

Jamaica's natural beauty
Jamaica’s natural beauty Ricks-Cafe-Negril

The Kool Runnings Water Park was established in early 2007, and since then, it is providing a welcoming and stimulating family-friendly amusement activity in Negril Jamaica.

You can go Golfing at the Negril Hills Golf Club

This is a 18-hole par 72 golf course measures 6,333 yards and provides a challenging golf game with an unassuming atmosphere. 

Jamaica’s natural beauty Negril Hills Golf Club, is situated by the main highway with quick access from the famed 7 mile beach in Negril, these facilities presents a fantastically reasonable and out of the ordinary round of golf. 

Go horseback riding at the Rhodes Hall Plantation. 

Rhodes Hall Plantation is an unmatched place to take in some horse back rides in Negril. And I could go on and on with attractions and activities of so many things to do in Negril.

Therefore, I would have very little difficulty agreeing with the assumption that Negril is strongly competing with Montego Bay for the # one spot as the place of choice for holiday vacations travellers to Jamaica’s natural beauty.

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