discover the free tool we used to uncover $240k in sales

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Just a couple of quick items for you today.

First – we just dropped a new podcast for you.

Episode 167: The free tool we used to uncover $240K in sales in 5 months

A young man on our team just =
uncovered a niche that sold $240K in just a few months at a very nice profi=
t margin using a simple strategy that we teach. How did he do it? Find out =
in this short episode!

Question: What TOOLS do you need in order to uncover profitable inventory? The answer – only one free tool!

You’ll love this one!

Next – join the =E2=
=80=9Chow to outsource=E2=80=9D webinar after the next =E2=80=9CLisa Live.=

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019 at =
8:00PM EST (NY time) – right after Lisa Live, Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup.c=
om as he shares his expertise on how to hire a freelancer the right way=

The webinar will include:

Three-levels of outsourcing=20
8 common mistakes people make when out=
a 5-step hiring process for VAs & =

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To your success!


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