Being A Jamaican Is An Absolutely Amazing Blessing

Wha gwaan”? This is a Jamaican colloquialism which is really asking: “How are you?” or “What’s happening?“This is who we are in reality. We check up on each other. That is who we are as Jamaican. 

Michael Abrahams tells us in his own words what it means to be a Jamaican: Here him speak “There is no place like Jamaica. Such a small dot on the map. In fact, so tiny, it is not even on some maps

But our presence is felt across the world. We say that we “wi likkle but we tallawah“, which means that we are small but strong-willed and fearless.

And we are !

So, if you can feel us thousands miles away, just imagine living among us, breathing the oxygen we breathe, and feeling our vibration 24/7/365. We are a special group of people living on a special island

Ours is a land of beauty. We are indeed the lad of wood and water. You are never far from a river or a stream, and there is always a tree nearby to provide shade, nourishment or both

Take a drive through our countryside. Enjoy the scenery as you drive up and down the our hills, through our valleys and across our plains.

Enjoy the food that we have to offer. Take a taste of our island

Walk on our streets and listen to our voices. You will be entertained.  

How could you not? 

We are a very expressive people, and our accent is instantly recognizable. But be aware that any attempt by outsiders to imitate it is almost guaranteed to illicit peals of laughter from us, especially when they try to articulate words that are not allowed on our radio and television stations

Please be patient with us. when we say we “soon come”, it may take a while. When we say somewhere is “just down the road”, make sure that your gas tank is full

Just saying like it is. We are not being dishonest or trying to trick you, that is just ” how di ting set”. (That is just the way it is)

We love to enjoy ourselves, and we want you to enjoy yourself too.

You want sunshine? We have that !

You want beaches? We have lots of them too! 

You want music? You really know the answer to that: we have lots of it. Our rhythm resonate throughout the planet, but there is nothing like jamming to our beats right here on Jamrock. 

Jamaica, no problem? Of course, we have problems, but we just keep going. We keep laughing, we keep dancing, we keep the good vibes going”

Why? Because we are confident that we are winners and good will and must triumph over evil. Jamaica is getting better and brighter every passing day. Keep your ears on the ground and you will hear good news coming out of Jamaica. 

We are a people full of positive vibration. Listen to another Jamaican, Janet Silvera talking about being Jamaican.

“It was a chance meeting with a complete stranger some time ago where I was first asked the question as to what it feels like being Jamaican. The stranger, you see, was on his way to Jamaica for his very first visit and was clearly caught up in all kinds of emotions.

It dawned on me for the first time that while it was so easy for me to take my little island paradise for granted, there are many out there who are madly in love with not just Jamaica itself, but also the country’s most iconic assets: 

Its people, culture, and our way of life. 

Being Jamaican mean living perceptually in the home of “all right”. It is a privilege and an honour, knowing that I am an ambassador, if you please, of over three million people – extraordinary people where my actions can have a ripple effect.

I am the Jamaican in the pastoral landscapes that marry flora and fauna. Hear me in the cadence of the Jamaican accent – in our indigenous spoken language and the infectious rhythms 

from mento to reggae. 

If we are what we eat, then our culinary smorgasbord speaks volumes about our diversity. 

Today you could fine me somewhere on the elegant corridor in Rose Hall, St James dining with kings while enjoying a five course culinary delight in an ambiance to die for. 

And tomorrow, without missing a beat, you could find me on the Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay enjoying some delicious pan chicken while laughing with the jelly coconut man. 

But most of all, I am Jamaican because of the waves of our unique blend of “people” – reflected in our Motto “Out Of Manny One People“” 

I am a real authentic Jamaican, born and grown here. I’m a citizen of Jamaica and connected to my descendants in the Jamaican diaspora. The overwhelming majority of Jamaicans are of African descent, with minorities of Europeans, East Indians, Chinese, Middle Eastern and others or mixed ancestry.

It might be difficult to say what is the real Jamaican identity is. The national motto “Out of Many One People” is the ideal description of the people, mixed up of different races.

Jamaica is a nation of very diverse people, even though demographically, I’m a part of the predominant African descent. As have been displayed repeatedly since the nation gained independence in 1962, it’s not only that Jamaicans are diverse in skin color and original ethnicity, but in accent.

As you travel to different parts of the country, you will distinctly hear a difference in speech and pronunciation.

One reason I am so proud to be a Jamaican is the beauty of the country. You can’t help to notice when flying over the island how so much incredibly lush greenery of the scenic landscape below create a beautiful work of art.

The island of Jamaica is blessed with an abundance of natural flora and fauna, interspersed with cascading waterfalls and fringed with white sandy beaches. You should always have your camera ready to shoot exotic birds to indigenous plants. This rich landscape is a beauty to behold and our natural unique beauty gives real meaning to living in paradise.

I am also proud to be a Jamaicans because the descendants of Jamaicans continue to do us proud with their achievements all over the world. Every continent on earth, you will find Jamaicans excelling in business, academia, sports, medicine, and in politics.

Welcome to Jamrock: Explore Jamaica’s beauty and rich culture. Visit to Jamaica island’s best beaches and get immersed in our amazing art scene. There’s lots for the entire family to see and do.