49 Amazing Facts About Jamaica

Preamble of 49 Amazing Facts about Jamaica

Greetings, I’m going to give you some Amazing Facts About Jamaica. It is a safe place for holiday vacations travellers, even to live or invest in business enterprise. She has her challenges like anywhere else in the world.

We have our ups and downs with crime and  violence, but we are still safer than most countries you can think of.

These violent crimes although confined to specific locations in the country, can be a real problem in Kingston, Montego Bay, and other parts of the country. But typically, such crimes involve attacks by Jamaicans on other Jamaicans and revolve around scamming, drugs, gangs, politics, poverty, or revenge.

Travelers come here for various reasons, even medical. who read about the country’s high crime and murder rates often wonder if it’s a safe place to go.

Of course it is, millions of tourists visit Jamaica each year without incidentt. Never-the-less, many also just stay at all-inclusive resorts for the duration of their trip because of their safety concerns.

The truth, however, is that holiday vacations travelers can have a great experience getting out and seeing the “real” Jamaica. At the same time you need to be mindful about the legitimate threat of crime where it exists.

As a visitor to the resort towns and even the greater portion of the capital Kingston, you will realize, are safe places to travel and enjoy “Amazing Facts about Jamaica, real Jamaican life.

1 #Jamaica’s’ # 1 Asset – Is the People:

Amazing Facts About Jamaica are unlike any other country not only because of its spectacular beauty, what sets us apart is the people.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

The people of Jamaica are unique in many ways . Out of many, one big family.

We have an infectious way of speaking and doing things that is adored and emulated all over the world.



Regardless of where you’re from, when you’re  here, you instantly get that ‘IRIE’ vibe.

If you are unfamiliar with life in Jamaica you will quickly realize upon your arrival here that Jamaicans are very courteous and easy going.

Despite the stresses and hardships being faced by a lot of Jamaicans on a daily basis, you will still get a warm smile from many people. 

The popular saying “No Problem Mon” is not a marketing stunt. It is an oft used saying here.

Having said that, Jamaican people do not take kindly to disrespect or condescending remarks. 

The average Jamaican is not afraid to stand up to you if he or she is being threatened.

These are Amazing Facts About Jamaica

2 #The Population:

The Amazing Facts About Jamaica with the population brushing its 3m mark, it stands at 2,950,210 citizens. Senior citizens are living longer and the elderly population and getting bigger.

This makes Jamaica the fourth largest country in the Caribbean by population (after Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti), the 13th largest country in North America and the 138th largest country in the world.

3 # Brief History:

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Tainos. They were the original dwellers of Jamaica, before the Spanish conquered the island.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

Though they became practically extinct due to disease and slavery, their legacy carries on through several cultural aspects, including common words like hammock, barbecue, tobacco, canoe and even hurricane!

They were first called Arawak Indians. They are now referred to as the Tainos.


Back in the late 1400s, Christopher Columbus referred to Jamaica as “the fairest isle that eyes ever beheld”.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica and Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1494, the tip of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica was the first land sighted by Christopher Columbus.

4 #Independence and the Queen:

Amazing Facts About Jamaica, she was the first Caribbean nation to gain independence in August 6, 1962. After years of internal self-government, Jamaica became an independent nation, but chose to remain a member of the British Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II remains the Queen of Jamaica but by tradition only represented by the Governor General (GG).

5. #Flag in the World:

Amazing Facts About Jamaica National Flag: One of the most recognized flags in the world, the green, gold and black is one of only two countries in the world that has no colors in common with the flag of the United States of America.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Flag
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Flag


The other country is Mauritania (green and gold). Libya used to have a solid green flag but has since changed it to include red and white. 

Do you know why the Jamaican flag is green, gold, and black? Two yellow stripes intersect in an X with green filling in the top and bottom and black on either side.  Aren’t those interesting facts?

“The sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative” is the symbolism of the colours of the flag. 

Black depicts the strength and creativity of the people; Gold, the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; and green, hope and agricultural resources.

6. #007 Bond, James Bond 

Amazing Facts About Jamaica And James Bond in Jamaica: James Bond was born on the shores of Ocho Rios!

James Bond
Amazing Facts About Jamaica James Bond

British writer, Ian Fleming is famous for his 007 James Bond character.


After designing his dream home, Ian Fleming choose to have it built in Jamaica and name it Goldeneye.


In Jamaica, he wrote 14 of his world renowned James Bond spy thrillers.

The novels have inspired 23 James Bond Films, one even with the hotel name sake – Goldeneye from 1995. These are solid reasons to visit to Jamaica on your next vacation tour.

There is an airport named after him: “Ian Fleming International Airport” (IFIA) in Boscobel St Mary Jamaica, 10km east of Ocho Rios.

A beach is also named after him “James Bond Beach” in Oracabessa Bay, St Mary. I hope you are finding these some interesting facts about Jamaica.

7. #Innovative Jamaica 

Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to build a railroad.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

They built their railroad a mere 18 years after Britain built theirs.

AT&T is said to have copied Jamaica’s telephone system because it was so well developed. 

Jamaica is a great innovator. She was the first country in the Caribbean region to launch a web site! www.jamaicatravel.com  launched in 1994 and took Jamaica to the world!

8. #Blue Mountains Moons and Coffee

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Blue Mountains, they are named for the mist that covers them. From a distance, the mist appears blue.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Blue Mountain Peak
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

The blue mist also covers the moon making it appear blue. Don’t miss this adventure on your visit to Jamaica

The phrase once in a blue moon does not cover the Blue Mountains as there have been dozen sittings of sapphire colored moons in the past 40 years. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: When you think of Jamaica you think sand and beaches, but many may not think coffee.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. This  is one of the most sort after and expensive coffees on the market with a “temptious” lingering aroma.

9. #Religion in Jamaica

Jamaica has the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world. Source-Guinness Book of World Records.

Scattered all over Jamaica are more than 1,600 church buildings, and that number is growing rapidly.

64.8% of the Jamaican population are Protestants.  Protestantism is composed of several denominations: 24% Church of God, 11% Seventh-day Adventist, 10% Pentecostal, 7% Baptist, 4% Anglican, 2% United Church, 2% Methodist, 1% Moravian and 1% Brethren Christian.

Roman Catholic make up 2.2%, 1.9% Jehovah’s Witness and 1.1% Rastafarian.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Rastafari.  Think dreadlocks? Think Jamaica? When some people think about Jamaica they think about the popular deadlock style.

Under 2 percent of the Rastafarian population in the world live in Jamaica.

Despite being predominantly Christian, Jamaica’s Jewish residents are among the oldest on the island.

More “Amazing Facts About Jamaica

10. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Beautiful Women:

Many countries brag about having the most beautiful women in the world, but Jamaica can brag with the stats to prove it

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Women
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Women

Jamaican beautiful women stand strong, as they are the sixth country on the list of countries to win the Miss World titles.

With 3 winners and 3 second runners-up, only Venezuela, UK, India, USA and Sweden have more winners. 

Just the mere size of Jamaica alone compared to these countries makes our bragging rights even more realistic.

11. #Golf Courts:

The Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica , established in 1868, is the oldest in the western hemisphere!

There are 12 major Golf Courts in Jamaica.

12. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Strong Fertility:

Jamaica has more multiple (two or more) live births than anywhere else in the world.

13. #Jamaica First:

Jamaica was the first country to impose economic sanctions against the apartheid regime of South Africa.

14. #Jamaica Again:

Jamaica was the first Caribbean island to enact legislation, “The Motion Picture Industry (Encouragement) Act” to promote the making of films.

15.#And Again:

Jamaica is the first country to sign a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria grant agreement.

16. #And Again:

Jamaica was the first colony  England  acquired by conquest. This was in the year 1655 when the Spanish were driven from the island.

17. #And Again:

Jamaica is the first British colonial territory to establish a postal service in 1688 in Black River, St Elizabeth.

18. #It Is Jamaica Again:

Jamaica was the first Caricom country to liberalize the telecommunications sector. Since then, other Caricom countries have opened up to competition.

19. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Port Royal:

The greater part of  Port Royal in Jamaica which was destroyed by earthquake on June 7, 1692  was once labeled ‘The wickedest city on Earth‘.

20. #Mineral Baths:

Amazing Facts About Jamaica
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

The “healing waters of Jamaica” are made up of several natural mineral baths and hot springs that are thought to have therapeutic properties. Three are well known: Rockfort, Milk River and Bath.


Milk River Bath is known to be the most radioactive mineral spa in the world.

21. #Kingston Harbour: Jamaica’s Kingston Harbor is the largest natural harbor in the world.

22. #Healthy Cranberry: Cranberry is a sought-after luxury item in Jamaica.

23. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Happiest People: Jamaica officially holds the title of being the “5th Happiest Place in the World”

24. #Jamaican Culture: In Jamaican culture it is appropriate to wait until invited before using a new acquaintance’s first name.

25. #Table Manners:  Table manners in Jamaica are “Continental”. This means that the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right.

Meals are generally served buffet style, with guests serving themselves from a bountiful spread.

It is considered polite to have a taste of everything offered, and finishing every item on one’s own plate is a mark of good manners.

26.  #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Miss Lou: The Hon. Louise Bennett Coverly (Miss Lou) is often thought of as Jamaica’s cultural heroine.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Miss-Louise Bennett
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Miss-Louise Bennett


She played a large role in the promotion of Patois as a legitimate (and celebrated) means of communication.

27. #Jamaican Immigrants: During the 19th century, many Spanish and British countries helped populate Jamaica with freed African slaves.

Today, many people are direct descendants of these first settlers.

28. #Jamaica’s national motto, “Out of Many, One people,” was made official in 1962.

29. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica National Dish: The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica National Dish
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

Jamica National DishMost people in Jamaica eat it as a breakfast dish. Ackee is a fruit that grows locally.

The dish is served with dumplings that are either fried or boiled. 

The saltfish is cooked in a small amount of oil with peppers and onions added for taste.

30. #Tourism started in Port Antonio the eastern resort town in the parish of Portland. This is the most important industry in Jamaica and the base of its economy. Port Antonio is coming back to the place of choice for visitors.

31. #Departure Tax:  An airport departure tax of US$35 is payable when tourists are departing Jamaica. In most cases this tax is included in the cost of the airline ticket (paid in advance).

32. #Jamaican Hospitality:  Jamaicans are big on hospitality, which is why two of the country’s airports have VIP lounges to welcome tourists with that authentic Jamaican vibe.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Airport VIP Lounge
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Airport VIP Lounge



33. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Public Beaches: One of Jamaica’s top attractions is the public beaches. There are over 50 public beaches located around the island that are open to tourists.
The most famous of these are Negril and Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay.

Endless Amazing Facts About Jamaica

Amazing Facts About Jamaica
Amazing Facts About Jamaica

34. #All-Inclusive Hotels: I have identified over 30 all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica. Most of them are located along the North Coast stretching from Port Antonio in the East to Negril in the West.

35. #Robert Nesta Marley: Bob Marley’s “Legend” is the highest selling reggae record of all time.

36. #Shaggy:  Worth a whopping $22 million, Shaggy is the richest living reggae artist. If Bob Marley were still alive, analysts predict that he would be worth $130 million.

37. #Jamaica Musical Genres:  The musical genres Jamaica is known for include dancehall, reggae, dub, rock steady, ska, and mento.

38. #How Reggae Came About?:  Reggae was developed almost by accident in Kingston after rock steady, which came about after ska.

39. #Medium Of Reggae:  Since its invention, Reggae has been a vessel for musicians to express political and social views.

It has been tied to the Rastafari movement for many years.

40. #Reggae Festivals: There are more than 2000 reggae festivals around the world each year.

Reggae Sumfest is the number one Reggae Show on earth

41. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Driving on the Roads: In Jamaica, they drive on the left side of the road.

42. #Joining The Military: Jamaica has no conscription, which means that military service is not compulsory

43. #The Largest English Speaking Island:  Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean. Although the national language of Jamaica is English, most people speak Patois, an English-based Creole language with strong West African influences.

This Creole has slight variation in different parishes. You can identify the location of a person by their creole accent.

44. #Sports: Jamaica made history in 1998 becoming the first English-speaking Caribbean country to qualify for a World Cup. These are interesting facts most people do not know.

45. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Usain Bolt: Usain St Leo Bolt is considered the fastest man on Earth, and he’s Jamaican!

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Usain Bolt
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Usain Bolt

Usain St Leo (Lightening) Bolt, OJ, CD; born 21 August 1986 in Trelawny Jamaican. He is the first person to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records.

He is the richest track and field athlete. Bolt networth is US$60m and the 32nd highest paid athlete on planet earth.

46. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Bobsled Team:  In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event. It was the bobsled (bobsleigh) event.

The movie, Cool Runnings, tells the story of the Jamaica’s first foray in to the Winter Olympics.

47. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Olympic Winners:  Only the United States has won more Olympic and World medals in Track and Field than Jamaica. Our tiny island has managed to accrue a total of 78 medals in the Olympic games dating from 1948 – 2016.

Olympic Games

Olympic Games Gold Silver Bronze Total
1948 London 1 2 0 3
1952 Helsinki 2 3 0 5
1956 Melbourne 0 0 0 0
1960 Rome as part of the British West Indies
1964 Tokyo 0 0 0 0
1968 Mexico City 0 1 0 1
1972 Munich 0 0 1 1
1976 Montreal 1 1 0 2
1980 Moscow 0 0 3 3
1984 Los Angeles 0 1 2 3
1988 Seoul 0 2 0 2
1992 Barcelona 0 3 1 4
1996 Atlanta 1 3 2 6
2000 Sydney 0 6 3 9
2004 Athens 2 1 2 5
2008 Beijing 6 3 2 11
2012 London 4 4 4 12
2016 Rio de Janeiro 6 3 2 11
Total 23 33 22 78

48. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Small Snake Population:  There are very few snakes on the island, they are rarely encountered except in remote areas like the Cockpit Countries.

They are usually killed by observers although none of the seven species found on the island are harmful. 

Six of the seven species found here are endemic (found no where else in the world).

Amazing Facts About Jamaican Boa
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Boa

Some snakes were far more common in the island before the introduction of  the mongoose that was imported in 1872 to rid the cane fields of rats.

The mongoose has killed off almost the entire population of snakes.


So running across a snake is a rare occurrence in Jamaica.


Amazing Facts About Jamaica Black Snake. They became extinct in early 20th century mainly resulting from the predatory activity of the mongoose. 

Because the Yellow Snake is nocturnal, it hardly comes in contact with the mongoose. 

This boa is know as “Nanka”, the island largest snake.  

There are three species called Grass Snake, all belonging to the same genus. The two-headed or Worm Snake is another nocturnal reptile whose head and tail are difficult to differentiate.

It is rarely seen although it is in the capital  Kingston. 

There is a natural fear for snake, and this probably due in part for two reasons: In the past snake was used in Obeah (Voodoo), and other occult practices.

The second reason is deeper than our history, it goes back to the creation of man. The Bible states that the enemy disguised himself as a serpent and caused that broken fellowship between God and man.

49. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Voodoo:  Obeah is Jamaican version of Voodoo originating with African slaves imported to Jamaica who brought their religion and rituals with them. 

The word implies witchcraft, magic, sorcery, evil practices by which supernatural powers are conjured for protection, or for destruction of enemies.  

Obeah is still practiced on the island although it was made illegal in 1720. 

The fact that the law is still alive is an indication of its continued practice.  However, obeah is conducted in secret for a fee. 

It is practiced mainly out of revenge, envy, hatred, malice or fear of the unknown. 

It can be used to cast a spell on another. 

If the victim believes in obeah and becomes aware of what is happening, the person will become ill literally, mentally unstable or suffer in some way; unless a more powerful spell can be sought to take it off, or turn it back. 

In extreme cases, obeah can cause death. 

Some people believe that the Obeah man can use evil spirits to bring good luck and protection, so their visit is not to hurt anyone but to improve their life. 

Since the practice is illegal thus secret, it is difficult to know what percentage of the population believe, support or practice it. 

One thing is certain, it is still a thriving art.  

People seldom openly admit to their involvement in it, although threating words will be clear indication to another of what is to come. 

Obeah might be used to find a thief, discover an enemy or secure success, for example in business, love affair, to pass examinations, to determine a court case or to acquire an American visa. 

These beliefs and practices are coming from the plantation era.

During slavery obeah was very much a part  of the social life where every estate had an obeah-man or two. 

They were revered and feared and well sought after. 

 From the plantation days it was outlawed and it went underground where it remains to this day.

What is called obeah today exist in many forms and includes many quacks and money-making opportunities.  

No doubt in Jamaica obeah remains an instrument of terror to those who believe in it.

50. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica and the Endemic Plants and Animals:  The island of Jamaica is rich in biodiversity and has a number of plants and animals that are  INDIGENOUS to Jamaica (that is, not brought to Jamaica by people).

Many of these plants and animals are found no where else in the world and are said to be ENDEMIC to Jamaica.

Guidelines for the protection of endemic and threatened species have been drafted and are being reviewed. 

Those plants and animals that are in danger of becoming extinct (that is, disappearing forever), are ENDANGERED and should be protected. 

These are the:

Jamaican Iguana,

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly,

Jamaican Crocodile,

Jamaican Yellow Snake,

Manatee or Sea Cow,


Sea Turtles,

Black-Billed Parrot,

Orchids, and Ferns. 

Some people would never think orchids when they think about Jamaica. With over 200 species of Orchids growing wild throughout the island of Jamaica an astounding 73 of the species are unique to Jamaica.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Orchid
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Orchid

Jamaican Orchid

With 1,000 species of trees and 500 species of ferns, visitors are pleasantly surprised to know that Jamaica is one of best place to see wild flora and fauna.

This is possible thanks to the diversity of environmental habitats available in the island


51. #The “Doctor Bird”:

Jamaican Humming Bird
The Doctor Bird

or swallow tail humming bird, is one of the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds. It lives only in Jamaica.

The origin of the name ‘Docor-bird’ is somewhat unsettled. It has been said that the name was given because the erect black crest and tails resemble the top hat and long tail coats doctors used to wear in the old days. Other schools of thought believe that it refers to the way the birds lance the flowers with their bills to extract nectar.


This green and black bird is the national symbol of Jamaica. 


52. #Giant Swallow-Tail Butterfly: The second largest butterfly in the world  is the Giant Swallowtail.

Swallowtail Butterfly
Swallowtail Butterfly

The Jamaican Giant swallowtail butterfly is said to be one of the largest butterflies in the Western Hemisphere but the smallest subspecies of Papilio Thoas. It is yellow and black in colour and has a wing span of up to 20cm.

This specie of butterfly is endemic to Jamaica and is primarily found in the eastern end of the Blue Mountains and Cockpit Country.This may be attributed to the fact that they prefer to dwell in remote, undisturbed areas. It is said that they also prefer wet limestone forest.

Be cool! This is The JuiceMan’s Stuff man!



53. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Rum 

Rum from Jamaica
Jamaican Rum

Rum is Jamaica’s most famous export. It is an alcoholic drink industrially distilled from molasses which is derived from the juice of the sugar cane.

Jamaican rum is one of the best you’ll ever try. It’s part of the nation’s history since the 17th century.

Jamaica is well-known for rum; in fact, visitors to the island often say that Jamaican rum ranks as some of the best in the world.

Jamaica has over 11 different locally produced rum brands with a wide variety of rum products from light gold rum used in cocktails to dark, spiced, fine rum that must be enjoyed neat! and even the aggressive and, quite frankly, damn dangerous rocket fuel called ‘John Crow batty‘.

Here rum is mixed with just about any other beverage.

Rum punch is popular mostly around Christmas time, but it available at party celebrations almost everywhere

Amazing Facts About Jamaica Appleton Rum
Amazing Facts About Jamaica Appleton Rum

Try rum and coconut water for a very special island drink.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica

54. #Rum Export:

Jamaica also was the first island in the Caribbean to produce rum on a commercial basis.

55. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Banana Export:

Jamaica was the first commercial producer of bananas in the  Western Hemisphere, the first country to export bananas establishing a global banana trade.

56. #Jamaica Exports  – bananas, coffee, sugar, rum, mangoes, alumina, bauxite, yams, beverages, chemicals and mineral fuels, coconut palms and bamboo products.

57. #Sugar, Cocoa and Coffee – became part of Jamaica’s economy back in 1655, when England seized the island and established a plantation economy.

58. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Jerk Chicken and Pork – are the most common street food. Jerk is a type of marinating sauce native to Jamaica.


59. #Jerk Recipe:

The most traditional jerk recipe is made of Caribbean red peppers, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, onions, thyme, garlic and salt.


60. #The Original Inhabitants of Jamaica, the Tainos, grew corn, cassava  and yams. 

 Foreign Crops

61. #Amazing Facts About Jamaica Imported Crops:

The crops we know today like sugar cane, coconut, breadfruit, otaheiti apple, bananas and mangoes are not native to Jamaica.  They were imported to the island at varying times in the island’s rich history.

62. #Jamaica Imports:

Imports in Jamaica decreased to 947800 USD Thousand in the first quarter of 2016 from 1054700 USD Thousand in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Amazing Facts About Jamaica-imports
Amazing Facts About Jamaica-imports

Imports in Jamaica averaged 1295826.30 USD Thousand from 2003 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 2170160 USD Thousand in the second quarter of 2008 and a record low of 826359 USD Thousand in the first quarter of 2003.

Imports in Jamaica is reported by the Bank of Jamaica.

Here are 85 reasons to visit Jamaica now





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