Adrian T Brown


Hello, my name is Adrian T Brown, a blessed and confident little savvy online business entrepreneur country boy from the God-blessed island of Jamaica.  I came from a very humble beginning where I grew up with foster parents. 

I fall down several times, but I got back up again. I never give up until I get what I truly deserves!

Jamaica Is My Home

I am a natural optimist. I search for the opportunities in life’s challenges and difficult times. I sees a glass half full instead of half empty.

My first quest for happiness is found in a genuine relationship with my Creator and building meaningful relationships with family and friends. I have discovered the secret in being a friend before I can have them.

“My love for God and people have driven me to be an unusual risk taker who has developed tremendous courage over the years of plowing through challenges to find the solutions that are hidden from the cowards, fault finders and doubters.”

My passion and purpose is to show others the blessings of living a productively healthy life, and the many rewards that follow as by-products. My greatest joy and satisfaction in living is to help another person to wake up to the possibility of discovering greatness from within.

I put other peoples’ needs before mine. This stems from my second secret to happiness revealed by Zig Zigglar who said, “Help others get what they want, and you will have everything you want”. 

I am a born helper, it just naturally flows from my guts to lend a hand, encourage and motivate others. No surprise I have chosen the career to be a professional helper (Retired Guidance Counsellor).

“My third secret to happiness is borne out of developing an attitude of gratitude.”

I find the often over looked little things to be thankful for, instead of finding fault, criticizing and complaining about what’s wrong and what I do not have

My health is my greatest wealth.

My life epitomizes the Garden of Eden way of living.

I believe that thinking, eating and behaving healthy can prevent you from going through many unnecessary sufferings.

My internet marketing focus now is more on the national interest than for personal gain.

I am now working in the travel industry, and my main desire and focus is to bring more visitors to this beautiful island called Jamaica.

I am offering a service which is providing valuable information for jetsetters vacation travellers to know about and come to Jamaica, not just once but time and time again.

Jamaica is naturally an attractive and beautiful place on planet earth. The climate is perfect and the people are warm and friendly.

If you really want to know and enjoy the wonders and hidden gems of Jamaica, you have to come out of your all-inclusive and meet the people and mingle with the culture, and there is nothing to fear,once your are guided.

All things considered though, it would be my greatest joy, when you come to Jamaica to visit a church. They are the easiest place to find because Jamaica is in the Guinness Book of Records as having the most church per square mile in the world.


I a a firm believer in The Almighty God, and I  will do nothing before consulting my creator. And God is, as it were, just putting all the pieces together for me, like a dismantled jigsaw puzzle.

This is the most exciting phase of my life that started with one of his fellow Jamaican who reminded me that I was born to fly. Alvin Day’s book “If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I“, is a must read for all individuals who want to soar like an eagle.

During that same time when I was reading the chapter on “The Law Of  Words“, my pastor preached a sermon just for me on a similar topic “The Power Of Words“. That was truly a divine hand at work!

That was indeed the beginning of greater things to come. 

My mantra, mission, mandate and sole purpose is to “Empower individuals to reap the benefits of living a healthy, purposeful and satisfied life”.

Adrian is a born winner.

My ultimate goal in his earthly life, is to help a thousand individuals discover the giant sleeping within and develop their true potential of self actualization and greatness.


 Because of Adrian’s persistent and determined personality, it is now his time to reap the rewards. The saying holds true “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins

Welcome to God Bless Jamaica

Blessing to you